Monday, January 6, 2014

Atlantis - The Rules of Engagement

After hearing that King Minos (Alexander Siddig) has created a hero's tournament to celebrate the engagement of Princess Ariadne (Aiysha Hart) to Heptarian (Oliver Walker), and Ariadne is pressured by Pasiphae (Sarah Parish) into severing ties with Jason (Jack Donnelly), Jason refuses the advice of both Hercules (Mark Addy) and Pythagoras (Robert Emms) choosing to enter the Pankration and prove his worth in a bloodsport where Heptarian has never lost.

Unable to convince Jason to drop his foolish quest, Hercules and Pythagoras help train their friend and, with the help of Medusa (Jemima Rooper), keep him in fighting shape between bouts to make it to the tournament's final match against Heptarian. However, given what's at stake Pythagoras informs his friend that Neptune's champion, and Ariadne's betrothed, can not be beaten and that Jason must make sure to loose (but still survive) the final contest.

Unable to win, but unwilling to loose, Jason finds a way to carve out a victory of sorts. The outcome is unexpected, and allows the animosity between the two rivals to continue. It also gives Ariadne the strength, and position, to dissolve the proposed marriage and put a serious crimp in Pasiphae's machinations to seize power (although it doesn't stop the Queen from dosing her husband with a slow-acting poison and offering her step-daughter a deadly lesson in defying her will).

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