Friday, January 3, 2014

Community - Repilot

Failed lawyer Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), and show's creator Dan Harmon, return to Greendale in the season opener. Under the lie of attempting to save Greendale from a lawsuit, Jeff is sent in by his former co-worker Alan Connor (Rob Corddry) to find evidence of negligence following the collapse of a bridge designed by a former student. When that falls through, Jeff attempts to prey on the failed dreams of the Study Group to create five new plaintiffs.

Bringing the entire group back to Greendale on a flimsy excuse does set-up a more plausible reason for each to stay. I'm curious to see if any of the returning students will enroll in Mr. Winger's class. "Repilot" also gives us the surprise appearance Pierce (Chevy Chase) of whose ghost (well, technically crappy hologram) is the voice of reason to change Jeff's mind about taking down the school. It's nice to see Chase return, but his abscence is felt in other scenes featuring the entire group.

Harmon's return breathes a little life into a show several people (including me) left mid-way through last season. Although "Repilot" certainly wouldn't rank among one of the show's better episodes, it does lay the groundwork for the new season and provide a little of the classic insanity (in the form of Jeff's ridiculous super-hero commercial for his failed law practice) fans have been missing.

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