Thursday, January 9, 2014

Larfleeze #6

After being sidelined for the last two issues by the resurrected Orange Lantern Corps, Larfleeze is finally able to break his bonds and turn the tables on his captors after his hallucinatory mother reminds him the rings of his enemies all came from him. After disarming his captors, including the horsey, Larfleeze sticks around to offer some payback and gloating, but rather than kill his the Corps he decides to abandon them on the lifeless planet where they spent the last several days torturing the Orange Lantern.

In danger of stalling with Lafleeze's capture, the main story picks back up with his release and regaining control of the Orange Energy. As to the Wanderer and Pulsar Stargrave, they spend the entire issue checking out her indecisive old enemies the Council of Ten who have followed her and Laord of the Hunt to this new dimension.

Where the action and humor of the main story picks up (I love the horsey), Stargrave's tale (which is nothing more than the pair watching an uninteresing group of characters) suffers a bit. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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