Friday, January 10, 2014

Teen Titans Go! - Nose Mouth

Raven's (Tara Strong) attempt to use dark magic to fix Robin's (Scott Menville) sleep fighting issues which leaves the rest of his teammates beaten up and unrested every morning starts the Titan on a dark path as she continues using spells to fix various annoying habits of Raven's other teammates (after fixing it so the team leader can't ever go to sleep without being attacked by demons).

Raven's spells include removing Cyborg‘s (Khary Payton) mouth, morphing Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) into a balloon-animal changeling (only allowing him to change into something you can make a balloon animal for), and changes Starfire's (Hynden Walch) hairdo. With each spell Raven becomes more evil drawing on dark forces until Cyborg and Starfire use their friend's love of Pretty Pretty Pegasus to stop her from destroying the world (even if it means they all end the episode standing on four legs).

The short episode is fun allowing for an increased amount of insanity stating with Robin attacking each teammate while sleepwalking and ending with a very demonic Raven threatening all existence. "Nose Mouth" works in both Raven's dark nature and her obvious love of Pretty Pretty Pegasus (which she normally tries to hide from her teammates) as the only thing which keeps her sane.

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