Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Crazy Ones - The Face of a Winner

After being inspired one late night by his latest downloaded app, Simon (Robin Williams) decides to flip the firm's accounts giving the spa client to Zach (James Wolk) and Andrew (Hamish Linklater) while assigning an important Call of Duty style video game launch to Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Lauren (Amanda Setton).

While Zach and Andrew find to embrace their feminine side and come up with a marketing campaign for the spa, Sydney's over-competitive nature leads to an obsession that eventually calls for an in-game intervention (which, sadly, also ends in bloodshed). Eventually Sydney admits to her achievement addiction, and the reasons behind it, while taking her own experiences over the past few days and designing just the right marketing campaign to land the firm the client.

The spa half of the story is a little more shaky given that neither Zach nor Andrew are ever really that far out of their element. Sydney's tale has some fun, if pretty much by-the-book, moments involving her gaming obsession. And, of course, we get the obligatory moral lesson to close out the story. "The Face of a Winner" is certainly not the worst episode of the series, but it's also far from the best.

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