Monday, January 6, 2014

The Mentalist - White Lines

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) heads to Corpus Cristi to help the FBI solve the murder of five DEA agents by local criminals who may, or may not, be tied to a Gulf Coast drug ring. During the investigation Jane begins dating the former girlfriend (Brianna Brown) of a recently deceased member of the ring which piques the interest, and jealousy, of both Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and Fischer (Emily Swallow).

As Jane prepares for a second date, and Lisbon and Fischer try to figure out what he's really up to, the Mentalist's new girl is actually the brains behind the entire Corpus Cristi drug ring and is busy framing (and then killing) the FBI's leading suspect (Mark Adair-Rios) for her crimes.

When neither Lisbon nor Cho (Harry Groener) buy the near-perfect set-up and continue investigating the find a link between Jane's new lady friend and the crime scene which is good news for Jane because although he gets a confession his lack of communication skills means back-up almost arrives too late to stop him from becoming the woman's latest victim.

Even if Jane's romantic interest in the suspect isn't really sold, the plotline works well offering Jane the opportunity to spend time with a beautiful woman he likely immediately suspected was the mysterious head of the cartel. And the choice to include Sterling K. Brown as a red herring was a nice touch. The episode also shows off more of Wiley's (Joe Adler) tech skills and Jane begins making the Austin FBI a little more homey with his new sofa, I mean couch.

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