Monday, April 22, 2024

3 Body Problem - Only Advance / Wallfacer

The final two episodes of the opening season of 3 body Problem are as more about setting up the next season than attempting to wrap-up any existing storylines. The title "Only Advance" provides the mantra for the Earth to continue to force technological advancement forward at any cost in order to be prepared for the San-Ti arrival. We get the highs and lows of Will (Alex Sharp) choosing to join the project only to see what remains of him lost in space. Auggie (Eiza González) gets down to the practicality of using her technology to help the little people, and Saul (Jovan Adepo) finds himself in a bizarre new position with an unpresented amount of power and influence.

There are several strong moments in Will's final days, the manner in which he accepts the opportunity not on behalf of humanity but for Jin (Jess Hong) and the heartbreak of the impossible mission going wrong only to see his sacrifice be in vain. Saul's position is a bit too quirky for its own good (is it all an elaborate bluff to make the San-Ti target a moving target, or does humanity really believe he is one of three people who has the best chance to save their lives?) Whatever the case, it's obvious that the San-Ti (and their cult of followers on Earth) want the scientist dead. The only storyline that really ends here, is the journey of Ye Wenjie (Rosalind Chao) returning to where her story started which also offers the return of Tatiana (Marlo Kelly) who apparently the San-Ti aren't done with just yet.

  • Title: 3 Body Problem - Only Advance / Wallfacer
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