Tuesday, April 9, 2024


I'll admit to being a bit confused by turn of events here. During the Captain's battle with Black Adam the family's home was destroyed. The gods have rebuilt the home. Great! However, the family was planning to relocate and move out of this house so did those plans fall apart as the story only makes sense if the family is moving into the house the gods have messed with (but if so why do they have to move in?). 

Confusion aside, there's quite a bit of fun in SHAZAM! #10 as the family discover the gods have connected themselves to various rooms in the house through the use of pocket dimensions. Those choices also allow evil eel-like creatures into our realm which Billy and Mary successfully fight off apparently restore things back to normal by the end of the issue (although we never get true confirmation that all doors to the gods' realms have shut). Other items of note are Billy's personality changes when transformed into the Captain and the introduction of a new neighbor both seem to foreshadow important events to come.

[DC, $3.99]

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