Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Fallout - The Target

"The Target" introduces us to Dr. Siggi Wilzig (Michael Emerson), teasing his importance and knowledge, and working as the catalyst to also bring our three main characters together for the first time in Filly. Lucy (Ella Purnell) is the first to come across the scientist, first camping on the road, and later in the town which will also see the arrival of the Ghoul (Walton Goggins) and Maximus (Aaron Moten) wearing the armor of Knight Titus which he will claim as his own after choosing not to save the knight from his preventable run-in with a mutation he had planned to blame his squire for.

While it makes sense to make Lucy, by far the most relatable of the trio whose naivete can be used to introduce and explore the world, the main character of the series, "The Target" makes a strong argument for the Ghoul to run the show. Aside from how his backstory helps explain the entire world, the mutated cowboy kicks some serious ass first in taking down the locals between him and his bounty and then in dealing with the knight. Given the events of the end of the series, and the reveal that the Ghoul can take out a knight with one shot, in retrospect the amount of time he spends fucking around with Maximus does seem a bit odd, however.

Just as the scientist warned, Lucy will have to begin making tough decisions. She get him out of the city but in his wounded condition he will never make it to the rendezvous with her father's kidnappers. At his suggestion, she'll have to take matters into her own hands, but it will be far from the last time she'll stain them with blood.

  • Title: Fallout - The Target
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