Friday, April 5, 2024

Final Heist

Final Heist is an incredibly stupid movie about a female group of thieves who come together years after their disastrous last score that left the only male member of the team bleeding out in the street. Six years later, in order to save the life of her daughter, Willa (Camila Banus) contacts her old pals Kenzie (Shonte Akognon), Flynn (Virginia Ma), and Hailey (Jasmine Shanise) to bust into prison and get to her baby daddy (Justin Chu Cary) whose genetic material might save her daughter's life.

Complicating the matter is a corrupt warden (Tim Abell) that had the man beaten nearly to death leaving him comatose on the exact day Willa comes calling. Despite the fact that fact that agreeing to the procedure would likely kill the convict, satisfy the desperate mother, and hide all evidence of his wrongdoing, the warden chooses to deny any request forcing Willa and her friends to break into the prison and get what they need themselves through a series of increasingly less and less believable situations.

Written and directed by  Ted Campbell, Final Heist is a cheap movie in every sense of the word and lacks any of the smarts or style a heist movie needs in order to sell the score to the audience. The charmless, bland, and mind-numbing experience is one to avoid.

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