Monday, April 22, 2024

Cobra Commander #4

It's fun seeing the various pieces introduced and connected in this Cobra prequel series for the shared Energon Universe. In Cobra Commander #4, Cobra Commander finds a scientist who has already started unlocking the vast power of Energon. Meanwhile Nemesis Enforcer takes care of any fight the Dreadnoks have left. This then leads to the expected confrontation between the Commander and Nemesis Enforcer, although there is a twist with the soldier from Cobra-La betraying the Commander rather than other way around.

Cobra-La ordering its minion to take out the Commander after he fulfilled his assignment changes the narrative a bit, giving him a much more reasonable rationale to turn his back on "his people" and pursue his own goals. The comic ends with the tease of yet another major character's introduction, one with the weapons expertise who would grow to be one of the key figures of Cobra.

[Skybound Entertainment/Image, $4.99]

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