Thursday, April 4, 2024

Delicious in Dungeon - Giant Frogs/Aboveground

The final episode before the party reaches the Red Dragon, "Giant Frogs/Aboveground" features the party making it to the Orc Village after using the skins of Giant Frogs to bypass some tricky Tentacles. Marcille (Emily Rudd) is notably not fond of the plan despite the time it saves the group.  Senshi (SungWon Cho) also manages some pasta and cutlets out of the tentacles and frog meat. Now so close to the goal, the party discusses how to survive their next run-in with the dragon planning to lay a trap as the episode concludes on a cliffhanger heading into a multiple-episode arc of the group's attempts to best the dragon and free their friend from its stomach.

  • Title: Delicious in Dungeon - Giant Frogs/Aboveground
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