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Alex Rider - Enemy

Following the events of the last episode, Alex (Otto Farrant)  is now a guest of SCORPIA, left alone in the bowels of one of their headquarters (a decommissioned cold war listening post) where he wanders and meets Syl (Eline Powell), the first of the other recruits training at the facility. Eventually talks with the Widow Julia Rothman (Sofia Helin) who gives Alex the pitch to join them by revealing that Alex's father worked for SCORPIA following a fall from grace and a couple years spent in prison for manslaughter. He was recruited when all others turned their backs on him. Confirming her versions of events is a video of a prisoner exchange between The Department and SCORPIA. SCORPIA returns hostage for Alex's father who is shot down by a sniper, left dead on a bridge, by The Department.

Alex's time with SCORPIA will dominate the storyline for the next few episodes, but other characters do continue to make appearances. Kyra (Marli Siu) and Tom (Brenock O’Connor) continue to search for their missing friend, getting proof that he is alive but remain concern about what SCORPIA may be doing to him. This subplot also provides a small cameo for Jack (Ronke Adekoluejo) who gets the pair out of a bit of legal trouble.

Events in The Department foreshadow larger issues between them and Home Secretary Laura Kellner (Shelley Conn) whose delivery of a Trogan drive gets SCORPIA into The Department computers and whose dismissal over the threat of Invisible Sword creates exactly the type of situation The Department wanted to avoid. SCORPIA threatens to kill an entire football team at the end of their match that afternoon. Despite all precautions, every single member of the team dies on the bus in front of Mrs. Jones (Vicky McClure) and the soldiers who are unaffected confirming Invisible Sword to be real and impossible to stop.

  • Title: Alex Rider - Enemy
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