Monday, April 29, 2024

Justice Ducks #2

After a few months off we finally get the second issue of Justice Ducks, this one inspired by Doctor Who with the arrival of the space and time traveler The Maven and his companion Tulip who show up to help the Justice Ducks deal with bizarre robots (think cute-ish Daleks) turning people to stone and the arrival of The Maven's old enemy The Botherer who then turns the rock statues into evil minions.

Justice Ducks #2 gives us Morgana, StegmuttNeptunia, Gizmoduck, Launchpad, and Darkwing Duck with Gizmoduck being the hero most highlighted with some new additions to his armor that get put to good use. Because the comic is so unapologetically a Doctor Who rip-off it does feel more like a Who story featuring Darkwing Duck characters than a Darkwing story with some wacky guest-stars. That said, fans of both Doctor Who and Darkwing Duck can still have a fun time with this one.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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