Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Green Lantern #10

Hal Jordan arrives on Oa and gets up to speed on what's been happening since his exile on Earth. Green Lantern features a number of Green Lantern characters including Jordan, Jo Mullein, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kyle Rayner, Teen Lantern, and even Guy Gardner, Booster Gold, and Lobo in the comic's backup story. We also get cameos and references to other Lanterns locked in the Oan sciencells.

Green Lantern #10 works to catch readers up to speed on the situation on Oa, with Jo explaining to Hal about Jessica working undercover and the obsession of Lord Premier Thaaros working to unlock the emotional spectrum. And we see why Hal Jordan has never been that good at skulking around (although his heroics aren't enough to save Keli). Jo and the resistance are intrigued by Hal's ring (although he doesn't go into just how its powered and why it is out of the United Planets control).

[DC, $4.99]

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