Friday, April 5, 2024

Alex Rider - Lab

After his remarkable escape, the Widow (Sofia Helin) leaves a trail of breadcrumbs for Alex (Otto Farrant) to follow back to the scientist and a tanker docked at the nearby harbor. After sneaking onboard, Alex witnesses a standoff between the scientist and the henchman Nile (Jason Wong) which doesn't turn out all that well for the scientist. However, he does offer Alex the opportunity to have all his questions answered leading to an explosive cliffhanger ending.

Meanwhile, the Department receives SCORPIA's threat promising a weapon that can kill indiscriminately, and lose one of their best and brightest when ignoring SCORPIA's warning to not try and find them. Mrs. Jones (Vicky McClure) informs Alan Blunt (Stephen Dillane) that this will be her last case, and after helping Alex get on to the tanker Kyra (Marli Siu) and Tom (Brenock O’Connor) are left to wonder what fate has befallen their friend. As the second episode of the season comes to a close, SCORPIA is pilling up the wins.

  • Title: Alex Rider - Lab
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