Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Alex Rider - Revenge

Spending as much time with Alex (Otto Farrant) as with The Department, "Revenge" begins to reveal secrets of the season. Having been shaken by recent events, Home Secretary Laura Kellner (Shelley Conn) wants to give in, but the government also want The Department to stall for as long as possible which makes SCORPIA's 3-day deadline before another demonstration of Invisible Sword problematic. Despite being ordered to stand down, The Department keeps investigating what exactly killed the first Invisible Sword victims. Mrs. Jones (Vicky McClure) and Smithers (Nyasha Hatendi) find traces of gold in their blood, and a dispersal device is discovered in the locker room leading to an understanding of how SCOPRIA managed their first show of force but not how to stop them from using the technology again in the future.

After being trained with the team, Alex  gets his first assignment from the Widow (Sofia Helin) to retrieve an item from a locked safe in the town. However, his mission is far deadlier than he suspects as his cleverness allows Gregorvich (Thomas Levin) and himself to sneak through various security in order to kill Max (Kevin McNally), who had demanded Invisible Sword be stopped, making Alex an accomplice to murder and tying him closer to SCORPIA. Kyra (Marli Siu) and Tom (Brenock O’Connor) witness just enough to know Alex is in over his head, and things won't get any easier for him.

The big reveal comes in the final few moments of the episode where Alex uses the same tools used to sneak into Max's home to infiltrate the Widow's office inside SCORPIA's base. While looking for information on Invisible Sword, Alex finds something else entirely. Seeing the full video of his father's death he learns who gave the order to have him killed as the Widow confirms Mrs. Jones is the person who changed Alex's world forever. The reveal shortly after SCORPIA's deception works perfectly to yo-yo Alex back-and-forth, without giving him solid ground to land. Who are his enemies? Who are his friends? Are where does he go from here?

  • Title: Alex Rider - Revenge
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