Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Deadpool #1

A new volume of Deadpool begins here with murder, mayhem, and fun. I think Deadpool always works best when he has someone to play off of (other than just his banter to the reader). The new comic finds that character in Deadpool's symbiote "daughter" Princess who has her father's taste for bloodshed and murder. The first issue follows the pair around trying to kill their latest target, whose portal ability makes it a bit harder than normal, before teasing us with the introduction of the comic's first new big bad who is apparently quite interested in the hero's healing ability.

Deadpool fans should have fun with this tale, and Death Grip's (a very Deadpool-ish name) interest in Deadpool falls outside the more common tropes for villains so that too may provide some interesting pathways to explore. The idea of family, and joining a team, are also played with over the course of the issue making you wonder what familiar faces we might see wander through the pages of the next few issues.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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