Sunday, April 14, 2024

Amazing Spider-Man #47

Interrupted on an unexpected date, even more unexpected in that it was going so well (before running out and stiffing Shay with the bill, that is), Spider-Man crashes into action to help Betty Brandt who has gotten in more than a little trouble searching for something that can clear Ned Leeds. After taking care of the thugs, Spidey has more trouble on his hands with the arrival of an erratic Ben Reilly, now apparently calling himself Chasm (complete with questionable costume), along with Hallows' Eve and the Queen Goblin.

Fun issue, although I would love for Marvel to just let Ben Reilly be the Scarlet Spider. (Is that really too much to ask?) I don't need him to play Spider-Man. I don't want him to be a villain. Can't he simply be the character that fits him best? Isn't there room in the Spider-Verse for that? Sigh. Anyway, expect a big throwdown in the next issue and hopefully some kind of resolution for the character by the time we reach issue #50.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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