Friday, April 5, 2024

Will Trent - Capt. Duke Wagner's Daughter

My only real complaint about "Capt. Duke Wagner's Daughter" is this feels like a longer arc that was condensed into a single episode and, as a result, feels a bit constrained. A little more time to breathe could have led to one of the show's best arcs. After seeing a couple of extremely fleeting suggestive hints that someone is coming after Wagner (Sonja Sohn) we get an episode that brings that story to the forefront, delves into troubled secrets in her past, reveals a nasty piece of work in Chuck Murray (Michael Papajohn), explains his motives, tease the end of Wagner's career, ends the threat, and wraps up everything in time for the closing credits without much fallout other than a bit of a tiff between Wanger and Faith (Iantha Richardson).

Even with my quibbles over how so much is crammed into a single episode, and my disinterest in the amount of time Ormewood's (Jake McLaughlin) marital trouble continues to receive, the episode certainly has its moments including the incredibly uncomfortable flashback to Wagner's first run-in with Murray helping to explain the actions she takes framing him for a different crime to get him off the streets. The man's attempts to fuck with her life are a bit hit-and-miss (the clumsy frame job doesn't work with both Trent and Faith on the scene) but does show what a hate-fueled madman can wreak when out for revenge.

  • Title: Will Trent - Capt. Duke Wagner's Daughter
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