Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Leverage - The Real Fake Car Job

To take down a Wall Street swindler (Matthew Lillard) who avoided prosecution for his crime by agreeing to testify in a mob trial and is now witness protection, the Leverage team sells the man on his dream vintage car - Benito Mussolini's lost Packard 1934 1101 Roadster Coupe in an attempt to track his offshore funds back to the source and redistribute them amongst his victims.

Hardison (Aldis Hodge) and Elliot (Christian Kane) steal a car to stand in for the key piece of the con while Parker (Beth Riesgraf) approaches the mark as a woman who has recently discovered the automobile that once belonged to her grandparents, while dropping hints at its more glorious past. Meanwhile Eliot and Sophie (Gina Bellman) try and keep the US Marshal (Ion Overman) distracted by playing a pair of circumspect new neighbors up to some very suspicious activity (such as buying axes and shovels at Home Depot and digging a shallow grave in an empty field).

Things get a little tricky in the final act as the mobsters show up for their pound of flesh and the Marshal is revealed to be dirty and the swindler's latest partner in crime. However, with a little fast talking and quick thinking the team manages to make a break for it in a very expensive automobile. "The Real Fake Car Job" is a fun, if a little more lightweight than some of the last couple of week's stories, episode fans of the show should enjoy.

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