Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rookie Blue - I Never

In the season finale Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) deals with being stuck behind a desk following her recent suspension while the precinct hunts down kidnapper Jon Grey (Greg Bryk) who has escaped custody. Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Epstein (Gregory Smith) try to find the young girl (Niamh Wilson) who the man kidnapped and kept in a basement against her will for seven years while Swarek (Ben Bass) and Collins (Peter Mooney) try to get clues from the man's cell mate about what his next move might be.

When he's unable to locate Alice, Grey brutally assaults her psychiatrist (Sarah Orenstein) and kidnaps 11 year-old girl Katie Spalding (Helen Colliander) from the doctor's office. Grey offers the police an ultimatum by giving them an hour to locate and put him in touch with Alice before he kills Katie. Andy is able to locate the girl who has a M67 grenade duct taped to her hand.

Although the near-death experience makes Swarek reconsider their break-up, Andy is still hurting and chooses an unexpected offer over the chance of fixing the relationship. Other stories involve Detective Callahan (Eric Johnson) offering Nash (Enuka Okuma) a spot on the task force which she desperately wants but can't accept, Diaz (Travis Milne) making plans to move out of the city with Denise (Brendee Green) and his daughter, and Shaw (Matt Gordon) having to choose between dating Officer Nelson (Siobhan Murphy) and giving his marriage one more shot.

"I Never" is a solid season finale that wraps up Gail's storyline, but it is a little more contrived than necessary as Andy accepts an undercover assignment the night Swarek hopes to reconnect without even the possibility a phone call explanation. I'm also fairly sure the job Andy and Collins sign up for (which we probably won't see) is going to be far more interesting than the soap opera fallout from their decision (which we're likely to get plenty of). That said, Rookie Blue has made some progress since those rocky First Season episodes which couldn't keep my interest, and I'll mostly likely keep watching when it returns for a Fourth Season next summer.

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