Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daredevil #18

The Matt Murdock must be crazy storyline continues as Matt returns from a date with Kristen McDuffie to discover his crazy ex-wife Milla in his bed. Or does he? A little investigation by Foggy reveals that simply be the case as Milla is still locked up the loony bin. It should be obvious to everyone (as it has been for several issues) that someone is gaslighting Hell's Kitchen favorite hero.

The back-up story involves Foggy's new client, a private nurse who is the sole suspect in the locked room murder of her employer, drug kinpin Victor Hierra. After speaking to the woman's brother Foggy believes in her innocence and, despite his recent fallout with his partner, agrees to look into Milla if Daredevil looks in on the case.

I was tired with this arc the moment writer Mark Waid introduced it. We know Daredevil isn't crazy and despite what Foggy sees here, he should know better too. Still, Waid is a good storyteller and Daredevil #18 has good action and an unexpected cameo from a character I'd all but forgotten about.

The issue delivers another terrific cover, and the art inside considers to vary from issue to issue with rotating artists continually given the comic a slightly different look. I don't think this is artist Chris Samnee's best work, but the action sequences look good as do the panels of Daredevil's vision. The next issue promises a big reveal, but this issue promised an introduction of a new villain it didn't deliver, so I'll cross my fingers that the crazy Daredevil storyline's days are numbers. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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