Sunday, September 2, 2012

XIII - Hunting Party

he search for the third and final watch (holding the last piece of the mysterious code) takes XIII (Stuart Townsend) and Agent Jones (Aisha Tyler) to Philadelphia where they barely survive a death trap set up by Max Serle (Matthew Bennett). Laying  the groundwork for Sheridan's (Ted Atherton) plan to remove Giordino (Paulino Nunes) from the board, XIII is contacted by Irina (Virginie Ledoyen) who wants the information in the second watch and is willing to trade the information of the person responsible for Sam's (Caterina Murino) death, who, of course was Irina herself.

Giordino overreacts on hearing the pair are together and sends a black ops squad to pull them both in leading to XIII and Irina handcuffed together escaping through the Maryland woods. While the pair try to work together to stay alive, Jones retraces the steps of the missing XIII and reports to Director Amos (Greg Bryk) that she believes Giordino had them picked up by a covert team without informing anyone, even the President (Stephen McHattie), of the situation.

Believing he's finally found Sheridan's mole, Amos starts freezing Giordino out and he and Jones narrow the search for XIII and Irina who survive their time together without killing each other. Irina gives XIII half the truth by admitting Giordino had Sam killed to isolate XIII and take away his support system, but fails to disclose that she was the one who actually pulled the trigger.

There's a lot of maneuvering going on behind the scenes as Giordino's attempt to cut out Sheridan has disastrous effects for the Director of the CIA. Armed with the knowledge that Giordino may be responsible for Sam's death, XIII has a second priority along with finding the third watch - locate, question, and kill the Director of the CIA.

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