Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Covert Affairs - Suffragette City

With Annie (Piper Perabo) betrayed, shot, hospitalized, and fighting for her life it falls to Auggie (Christopher Gorham) to defend accusations and evidence Lena (Sarah Clarke) has planted calling into questions Annie's fitness and loyalty as a member of the CIA. As Auggie tries to protect his friend in the real world Annie finds herself lost in a dream world of her on making as her unconscious tries to put together all the pieces of the mystery that led her here.

Annie's dreams lead her on a romantic mission with Auggie, into an interrogation by her sister Danielle (Anne Dudek), and subconscious clues left by Simon (Richard Coyle) instructing her to find and kill "Blackbird." The dream sequences are rather interesting, turning events and characters sideways, but the best moments come in the real world as Auggie risks everything to save the reputation of his best friend.

Lena's evidence, which twists the truth of all of Anne's recent missions involving Simon for her own ends, is as convincing as it is damning. Arthur (Peter Gallagher) is sure of Annie's guilt, and with the doctor's prognosis that she may never wake up and pressure from above to sweep the entire matter under the rug, the CIA is ready to decommission Annie and convict her before she can even wake to defend herself.

Joan's (Kari Matchett) loyalty to Annie and her inherent distrust in Lena give Auggie an ally in his quest to clear his friend, especially when he's able to link Lena to Annie's forged passport and the crime scene. Thankfully they are able to convince Arthur and the CIA of Lena's guilt in time to stop Lena's attempt to finish the job in Annie's hospital room, but although Annie's life is saved and Lena's guilt is proven, Lena is able to disappear. Given its structure and ramifications, "Suffragette City" is one of Covert Affairs more memorable episodes and leaves plenty of fallout to deal with in next week's mid-season finale as Annie recuperates and begins her own quest, for revenge.

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