Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Perception - Light

In the First Season finale Kate (Rachael Leigh Cook) uncovers evidence that leads her to believe Professor Pierce's (Eric McCormack) delusion of a conspiracy may have some truth. Meanwhile Pierce, after admitting himself for psychic evaluation, finds himself forced to deal with the truth about Natalie (Kelly Rowan) when his new doctor looks exactly like his most loyal hallucinatory friend.

With Pierce unavailable, Kate and Agent Probert (Jonathan Scarfe) look into the murder of his former student Wesley Sumter (Freddy Rodríguez) which leads them to a scared young man (Jimmy Bennett) who killed his friend to help uncover the conspiracy that Wesley told him killed his father.

Realizing the death of his friend wasn't an accident, Pierce checks himself out of the hospital to work the case with Kate. They talk with the wife (Allison Smith) of the reporter who died shortly after he began helping Wesley investigate the conspiracy that involves the widow (Jayne Atkinson) of a dead Senator. They also witness the death of his replacement (Matthew Glave) whose stroke Pierce believes was far too convenient and was caused by the man's wife (Bridget Regan) for his Senate seat.

Unable to prove his hypothesis, Pierce confronts the woman and forces her to implicate herself to hide all her dirty little secrets. With the murder solved and Pierce's mind at ease things slowly get back to normal. Pierce's condition and the speed of his recovery feel far too rushed, it might have been better to start next season with the episode, but the truth of Natalie is an interesting twist that could add a new dimension to the show when it returns next year for its Second Season.

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