Thursday, September 20, 2012

White Collar - Vested Interest

While giving a talk at a FBI convention with a disgruntled Neal (Matt Bomer), Peter (Tim DeKay) learns a thief (Jason Pendergraft) has conned his way into the convention to steal an important piece of defense technology right under the nose of 500 FBI agents. Returning to the convention with Neal, Jones (Sharif Atkins) and Diana (Marsha Thomason), the group tries to find the impostor before he can finish his job.

After reconnecting with Sam (Treat Williams), and agreeing to keep the FBI out of any further investigation, Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) come up with a plan to flush out the men after Sam, with Peter's unwitting assistance. Still distrustful of Sam, Peter continues his own investigation of the former undercover cop and makes a surprising discovery.

Although Peter's plan to prevent the theft is sound, the objective isn't the theft of the revolutionary bullet-proof vest but the kidnapping of its creator (Pawel Szajda). Neal's quick thinking saves the day,and Peter's life, but his plan to entrap the men after Sam doesn't go as well as Sam is nearly killed by an Irish mobster (Scott Evans) working for the same family that Neal's father testified against.

Despite the end of the last episode the show ends with Neal and Peter working well together and trusting each other. Once again White Collar delivers another mid-season cliffhanger, but the real identity of Sam isn't as nearly as shocking as it wants to be. Still, with the cat out of the bag there are plenty of new, or (for Neal) old, stories for the show to delve into when White Collar returns in January.

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