Saturday, September 1, 2012

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow #16

"Serpents Shadow" concludes as Cobra Commander springs his trap on Storm Shadow and Rika. All Snake Eyes must do to let the Arashikage Clan fall is to do nothing, but that's the one thing he simply can't do. Springing into action Snake Eyes saves Rika, whether she wants him to or not. With Arashikage lost to him, the new Cobra Commander looks to fill the void by enlisting the aid of Serpentor and the Coil to be his new group of spies and assassins.

Although he makes it out alive, and with Storm Shadow, Rika is mortally wounded. Only in her final moments does she understand the kind of man her distrust wouldn't allow her to see. But despite her last second change of heart, the plans she set in motion by uniting her son and the Soft Master (an old teacher and enemy of Snake Eyes) against the JOE.

Another strong issue full of action and flashbacks to Snake Eyes younger days with the clan. Although I'm a little sad to see Rika leave so soon, her death certainly puts several other story elements in play, meaning the next few months should be very interesting. Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]

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