Sunday, September 23, 2012

XIII - The Bunker

As Wally Sheridan (Ted Atherton) continues his bid to run for President by blackmailing an influential Senator, the search for the third watch sends XIII (Stuart Townsend) and Agent Jones (Aisha Tyler) to Montana to track down a decommissioned soldier (David Keeley) who may have worked with Max Serle (Matthew Bennett), but on arriving all they find is a dead man and plans for a secret decommissioned underground military installation.

In the episode's B-story Amos (Greg Bryk) tries to convince President Carrington (Stephen McHattie) that they need to take desperate, and permanent, measures regarding the dangerous threat of Sheridan, especially once he learns of the existence of Roger (Christian Martyn). Although Carrington dismisses the proposal the question to how far he will go to protect his grandson is never really answered.

With Irina (Virginie Ledoyen) and her team of assassins on their tail, XIII and an injured Jones work their way through a maze fully of booby traps with the deranged man they have been searching for hidden in the middle of the bunker watching their every move. Unsure whether the man invading his home is his old friend Seamus O'Neill, Max agrees to answer questions about Costa Verde, but what he reveals leads to only more questions.

Max tells them of Sheridan's secret organization known as Erebus and reveals that Seamus and his team weren't responsible for the explosion at Renelco. The man responsible was the fourth member of their team who was working for Gerhart (Tom Berenger) and betrayed them and killed everyone in the factory who might have any knowledge of the technology while the rest of the team retrieved the computer files. XIII and Jones are able to make it out of the bunker alive with the third watch, and with everyone believing they were killed in the explosion that took out Irina's men and Max they have a narrow window to decipher to truth about the mysterious weapon and plan their next move.

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