Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Morning Glories #21

Morning Glories #21 picks up the Hunter storyline that ended with the death of Zoe and the arrival of a new group of students in the final issue of the "P.E." arc. Over the course of the issue we're introduced to the various members of the group as reunite with Jun (really Hisao) and get ready to stop a dangerous sacrifice involving his brother Hisao (really Jun).

We're giving quite a bit of information into the new group's time in Abraham's school preparing them for their entrance to Morning Glories. We're also shown the first few days of their leader, Irina, at Morning Glories Academy and see the motivation of dead and tortured parents is a regular technique to motivate the students, although her reaction is anything but typical.

Even with the death of one of the major characters the support cast is growing a bit unwieldy, especially as some of the young female students drawn by Joe Eisma look very similar and given the fact that the structure of the book means leaving subsets of characters for months while dealing with separate story arcs.

That said, for a comic that hides its secrets close to the vest this latest issue does give us some information, including the fact that Abraham's students are just as deadly (and possibly more insane) than those of Morning Glories. Worth a look.

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