Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Almost Human - Arrhythmia

After a gunman with a stolen mechanical heart dies of a cardiac arrest that he correctly predicted down to the exact minute, Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian (Michael Ealy) investigate the world of black market refurbished organs. Their investigation isn't helped by Dorian deciding to save another DRN android whose unpredictability creates unforeseen circumstances when Dorian insists he be allowed to tag along.

The detectives discover a complicated extortion plan where the organs were taken out of corpses and sold on the black market to be surgically implanted into new hosts. However there is a catch. To keep the various organs running the hidden head of the group who begins extorting the survivors in larger and larger amounts over time. After Detective Stahl (Minka Kelly) makes a connection between all the patients and the police begin to close in, the head of the scam (Laura Adkin) decides to let all her clients die rather than risk any road leading back to her.

"Arrhythmia" is an example of the B-story (Dorian's interest in another android like him and how the other android's "malfunction" ended his career as a police officer) is actually more interesting than the main story. The subplot provides nearly all of the best character moments and the hamfisted (but still humorous) big joke of the episode when the other android's attempt to catch a thief causes thousands in property damage.

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