Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Atlantis - White Lies

When a messenger (Daniel Adegboyega) is caught in the palace and mistaken for a thief, Ariadne (Aiysha Hart) learns that the brother she thought she had long lost to treason and death is still alive. However, after some torture and witchcraft, Queen Pasiphae (Sarah Parish) discovers the thief's true intention to reunite the fallen prince (whose treason she concocted to remove him as an obstacle to her quest for power) with his sister. Knowing she can not allow Ariadne to know the truth behind why Therus (Darwin Shaw) fled the city a decade ago, the witch takes steps to prevent the sibling's reunion.

Needing help, but unsure of who to trust, Ariadne enlists the help of Korinna (Hannah Arterton) into tricking Jason (Jack Donnelly), Hercules (Mark Addy), and Pythagoras (Robert Emms) for their help. When the initial plan fails, and the heroes learn the truth, Jason agrees to spirit Ariadne out of the city not realizing the true designs Therus has on his sister. Eventually Jason saves Ariadne from all dangers and escorts her back to Atlantis, but not without allowing the princess a glimpse at the depth of his true feelings for her and exposing her the truth of Pasiphae's machinations.

While allowing Jason and Ariadne to spend some time alone unchaperoned the episode continues to advance the plot of their inevitable romance. Ariadne's meeting with her brother may not have gone as planned but it made the princess keenly aware of how dangerous Pasiphae can be. The subplot involving Hercules' attachment to his racing beetle lightens the tone from the more serious aspects of the episode but ends, as do all of the man's plans, badly for the hero.

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