Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elementary - Tremors

When Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) makes a mistake the consequences could be dire for both Holmes and Watson (Lucy Liu) as well as Detective Bell (Jon Michael Hill). "Tremors" begins, after the detectives help the NYPD close a brutal murder a confused schizophrenic (Zachary Booth) had been framed for by the victim's doctor (Jordan Lage), in a courtroom to examine the events that led to Bell's shooting and the methods employed by Holmes to determine if the detective will be allowed to stay on as a consultant with the NYPD.

"Tremors" is an interesting episode. Holmes' mistake wasn't one that led the police down the wrong path of an investigation nor a flight of fancy, but instead goes directly to the man's confrontational and legally-gray methods that knocked down a first domino, the last of which would end with Bell stepping in front of a bullet for the detective. The small group of friends Holmes has acquired over his stint in New York appears to lose a key member when the (perhaps permanently) disabled Bell is unable to accept Holmes' apology or offer of assistance in his recovery.

The courtroom setting also allows for the guest-appearance of Elizabeth Marvel as a prosecutor trying to get the detectives kicked-off the police payroll (even though they technically work for free). The back-and-forth between Miller and Marvel provides several of the episode's best moments as Holmes recounts the events through flashbacks. Despite the fact that there's no evidence at all Holmes methods are solely responsible for the rash actions of a parole violator (Danny Mastrogiorgio), the judge (Frankie Faison) rules against Holmes and recommends the NYPD sever all connections with the detective and his partner.

As the series isn't set to end, the episode ends with a twist with the commissioner deciding to ignore the judge rulings (perhaps on the advice of Detective Bell). Dramatically Bell's shooting leads to all kinds of new opportunities, as well as lingering guilt for Holmes which might manifest in a variety of ways in the coming weeks. However, I am saddened with the storyline as it means we're likely to see far less of Jon Michael Hill in the coming episodes and the events create a further rift between Holmes and the department.

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