Sunday, December 15, 2013

Elementary - Internal Audit

While still dealing with the guilt over Detective Bell's (Jon Michael Hill) shooting, Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) is called-in with Watson (Lucy Liu) to investigate the torture and murder of the head of a Ponzi scheme. While investigating the case Holmes and Watson come across an old client (Heather Burns) of Watson's who worked for the victim and her old dealer (Lucas Hall) who seems like the most likely suspect in the killing.

Trapped in client privilege, Watson is unable to give the name of the possible killer to the police without exposing her client's past even after the television reporter who broke the story is found killed in the same manner as their victim. Unable to use that connection, Holmes and Watson return to talk with the head of a charity (Richard Masur) and the hostess (Rebecca Dayan) at an art gallery in which their suspect was a silent partner only to find the man's body stuffed in a dumpster in the gallery's back alley.

Picking up on the guilt Holmes feels over Bell, who has still refused any help from the detective, Alfredo (Ato Essandoh) attempts to turn Holmes' new-found empathy towards becoming a sponsor for a young man (Stephen Tyrone Williams) in need. Eventually Holmes finds the thread of the art gallery to explain all three murders, and, despite his initial refusals, eventually agrees to take on the responsibilities of becoming Randy's sponsor.

With the introduction of Randy the recurring supporting roles on Elementary increase by one (although when are we going to see Mrs. Hudson again?) and also open the door to Holmes' attempt to share what he's learned through his 18 months of sobriety. He's not the only one in for a change as Bell, back at work but still struggling with the use of his right hand, is made an offer by the head of another department (Peter Gerety) which the detective may not be able to refuse.

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