Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Supergirl #26

Supergirl returns home after months away to reconnect with possibly the hero's only remaining friend, scientist Shay Veritas, while also taking on a new threat in Lobo for the first issue of the new creative team of writer Tony Bedard and artist Yildiray Cinar.

Let's start with the obvious, I (like anyone who doesn't work in DC Editorial) hate the New 52 version of Lobo. However, the end of Supergirl's battle with the Czarnian opens up a real opportunity to scrap the horrible redesign of the character after a single issue (which would be amazing if I actually thought DC had the balls to do it).

The new team does a pretty good job of summarizing Kara's recent storylines while jumping the character into action against a formidable (if stupidly designed) adversary. I like Cinar's take on Kara (even if I think Bedard's dialogue is a little too whiny for much of the pair's first issue). There's enough here for me to stick around to see where the new team plans to take our heroine. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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