Saturday, December 21, 2013

White Collar - No Good Deed

White Collar's mid-season finale brings one of the missing gold coins from the season's first episode to Peter's (Tim DeKay) attention. That, and the name of the fence (Micah A. Hauptman) who is moving them, will lead to Peter's discovery of a large piece (but certainly not all) of the circumstances behind Neal's (Matt Bomer) involvement in the $1.8 million heist and how that money paid for Peter's freedom by bribing a Federal prosecutor. Curiously, Neal keeps The Dutchman's (Mark Sheppard) name out of his confession leaving one more shoe yet to drop.

Although Peter finds a way to keep Neal's involvement and the bribe secret, he is able to force the prosecutor to resign and give up the gold coins. However, his conscience is far from clear as the season (and perhaps series) has reached a turning point in just how far Peter is willing to go for a criminal he now sees little hope of ever truly saving.

The episode's B-story involves Rebecca (Bridget Regan) helping Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) steal the stained glass window and discover the secret that The Dutchman is so eager to get his hands on. With every second of Rebecca's continued involvement I become more suspicious of her true motives as she continually worms herself into Neal and Mozzie's plans and takes absurd criminal risks without a second thought. I'd guess when the show returns the big "twist you won't see coming" will actually be what I've been expecting all along (that she has been working for Hagen the entire time).

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