Thursday, December 19, 2013

Batman: Black and White #4

The black-and-white anthology series puts out another strong issue highlighted by the final story from writer Sean Galloway and artist Derek Laufman involving a classic Batman and Robin adventure (and the 60's television show's Batmobile) as the Dynamic Duo set out to save a missing Superman from Brainiac. Laufman's style and use layering panels to suggest motion is pretty damn cool.

Without any real weak stories this month, Black and White #4 also boasts a Mad Hatter and Penguin tale from Michael and Lee Allred where Cobblepot attempts to out-wit both the Hatter and the Dark Knight Detective (which features Micahel Allred's trademark smooth but quirky style), Dustin Nguyen does double duty writing and illustrating an average night for Batman in Gotham City ending with an appearance by Catwoman, Nathan Edmondson and Kenneth Rocafort offer up a tale of Batman taking on an invisible enemy, and David Macho and Rubén Pellejero deliver a tale of Batman getting the help of a homeless veteran (and his pet rat) to take down Killer Croc. Worth a look.

[DC, $4.99]

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