Monday, December 9, 2013

White Collar - Quantico Closure

Peter (Tim DeKay) is surprised by the arrival of his old girlfriend (Kim Dickens) who enlists his help to take down a security analyst () who is selling a top-secret password-decrypting microchip on the black market. The return of his former flame from their time together in Quantico, and Peter's inability to tell his wife about any aspect of the time they are spending together, makes Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) more than a little uncomfortable leading to Elizabeth enlisting the help of Neal (Matt Bomer) to try and discover what's really going on.

Most of the story is centered around the operation, and Elizabeth's overreaction to it, leading to a ridiculous (but fun) ending involving far more people involved on the operation that Peter's old partner preferred. We also get a couple of short scenes about the continued search for David Seigel's (Warren Kole) killer and between Neal and Rebecca (Bridget Regan) whose relationship starts to heat up as they continue to examine the mystery of the undocumented thirteenth chapter together and discover another clue on Neal's search to find out just what The Dutchman (Mark Sheppard) is after.

As Neal points out to Jones (Sharif Atkins), "Quqntico Closure" shows us a side of Peter we rarely get to see as the woman from his past, and his wife's reaction to it, clearly make him uncomfortable. I have a hard time buying the quick escalation of Elizabeth's behavior, and the manner in which the thieves are apprehended feels like something out of a screwball comedy, but the interactions work well and the episode does find time to touch on both of the current the season-long storylines.

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