Thursday, December 12, 2013

Velvet #2

Picking up a few hours after the first issue's cliffhanger ending with Velvet Templeton on the run from the governmental spy organization she spent her entire life serving, Fitzroy heads to the Director of Arc-7 to relay the night's events (and his team's failed attempt to grab a secretary no one realized was once one of the agency's top field officers) while demanding answers to just who the hell Velvet Templeton really is.

While showing us that Velvet may have lost a step or two in the years since she retired from field work, the second issue also shows us she still has the skills (and risk-taking maneuvers) to stay one-step ahead of those persuing her. On the run, the old spy decides if her own government is content to pin the recent murders on her rather than doing a proper investigation she'll take the lead on her own.

A really strong second issue fills in a bit of Velvet's past (at least to the man given the job of chasing her) as well as reveals a skeleton in her closet that might come back to haunt both her and the Director. Worth a look.

[Image, $2.99]

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