Monday, December 16, 2013

Nikita - Pay-Off

With Nikita (Maggie Q), Michael (Shane West), Ryan (Noah Bean), and Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) in Pakistan attermpting to stop WWIII and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Sam (Devon Sawa) in Switzerland attempting to access the only non-frozen assets of the Udinov fortune, Nikita and her team are offered a deal by Jones (David S. Lee). Although they don't agree to call-off their operation, The Shop does offer to fake the lives of Nikita and her entire team, allowing them to start new lives elsewhere as long as they all agree to stop interfering in The Shop's plans.

After identifying both Ramon (Simon Kassianides) and The Shop's doppelganger inside Pakistan's nuclear test facility Nikita and Michael race to stop The Shop from launching a ballistic missile at the incoming U.S. carrier group in the Arabian Sea (but The Shop's plan turns out to be much greater than a single missile).

Alex and Sam (who was trying to sneak out with Alex's millions at the time) manage to capture a member of The Shop whose interrogation allows Ryan to finally uncover the final piece to the puzzle and identify Mr. Jones as the head of MDK (one of the largest arms manufacturers in the world). A message from Birkhoff's father (Judd Nelson) gives the team a target of their own and a short window to stop The Shop's plans before Pakistan declares war on the United State of America.

With only a single episode remaining before the series finale "Pay-Off" offers Nikita the victory she's been working towards for years. President Spencer (Michelle Nolden) is recovered, Nikita's name is cleared, Jones is in custody, and Amanda is dead. Of course the show has one last twist to play as Amanda's staged death and Nikita's public victory were only one more misdirection by The Shop to try and get Nikita out of the game, and out of their hair, for good.

Despite the level of detail Jones puts into his plan, next week will see Nikita continue her quest to bring down Amanda. Of course Alex has a mission of her own to find out what Sam needs with all that money and finding out just what he will do once she apparently gives him what he wants. As the show winds down its two female stars look to step things up in what should be an intriguing final two episodes.

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