Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sleepy Hollow - The Golem

After learning Katrina (Katia Winter) bore him a son, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) enlists the help of Henry Parrish (John Noble) to commune with his dead wife for answers about why she kept her pregnancy secret from him and discover what happened to the son he never knew existed. Although the risky experiment gives Ichabod some answers it also has the unintended effect of releasing a monster trapped in Purgatory as the Golem (Derek Mears) has come to Sleepy Hollow.

Crane and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) convince the sin eater, who proves invaluable to the search and to discovering the origins of the Golem, to stick around. The child's champion begins targeting the descendants of Katrina's coven (who condemned Katrina to Purgatory) including the local librarian (Kathleen York) and four witches who inform Crane about his son's fate and what is needed to stop the Golem. This leads to some muddled discussion of fate and destiny which the show's writers seem unsure which side Ichabod should come down on the subject as here he fights the idea of fate he's championed earlier in the season.

In the episode's B-story Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) struggles with the balancing fighting the dark forces in Sleepy Hollow while keeping his promise to his ex-wife (Jill Marie Jones) to be there for his handicapped daughter (Amandla Stenberg). Overall the revelations about Jeremy Crane aren't very intersting (although it is worth noting the witches never say they "killed" the dangerous young man, only "stopped his heart" perhaps suggesting he too exists in some form of limbo as Ichabod once did).

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