Saturday, December 21, 2013

Red Hood and the Outlaws #26

After taking several months off from this title I returned to see Jason Todd get his memory returned and battle alongside Starfire and Arsenal against the League of Assassins and newly-rejuvenated Ra's al Ghul. Although the issue still relies a bit too much on the All-Caste subplot that's been a huge part of the tile since it's New 52 launch, the characters of Essence and Ducra are kept at arms-length here.

Given the choice of watching his friends die at the hands of Ra's al Ghul and his soldiers, Todd chooses to remember his past and, once fully restored, reveals this was all part of his (irrational) plan.

The issue ends with the Red Hood and the Outlaws doing a pretty good job of holding their own against the League including the Red Hood fighting Bronze Tiger to a standstill. But should Todd be victorious (which seems likely as the comic has solicitations for the next several months) I'd like to see the character given a chance to spread his wings without the baggage of the All-Caste or the Outlaws to weigh him down. For fans.

[DC, $2.99]

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