Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Crazy Ones - Models Love Magic

As the office is overrun by Victoria's Secret models for a photo campaign which reverses Zach (James Wolk) and Andrew‘s (Hamish Linklater) luck with women and gets Lauren (Amanda Setton) in trouble when she can't pass up the chance to try on (and get stuck in) Adriana Lima's $10 million fantasy bra, Gordon (Brad Garrett) attempts to get Simon (Robin Williams) to dial it back to help them land a far more traditional client.

Although the episode has a nice message (be true to yourself, business be damned) it's not one of the show's better offerings. The bra debacle is ridiculous (although at least the show knows its level of ridiculous) and neither Sydney's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) philosophical debate with the models nor Andrew's magic tricks really work to sell the idea that the various models (Lima, Elicia PerkinsLudi DelfinoBrittney Sharaun BrownRachel Zimmerman) are highly intelligent but also mesmerized by magic tricks any five year-old cold master.

Memorable really only for the stunt casting of the models, which the network certainly finds extra ways to help promote with advertising space in both the episode and during commercial breaks, the main storyline lacks the heart (even if the rushed Williams and Garrett subplot) that has helped balance the show's better episodes.

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