Monday, December 23, 2013

Nikita - Bubble

The penultimate episode of Nikita offers us the calm before the storm, at least until harsh reality cracks the illusion of victory and safety Nikita (Maggie Q) and her team believe they have won. We begin with Nikita, Michael (Shane West), Ryan (Noah Bean), Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood), and Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) all living in suburban homes on a Washington military base. In a single montage "Bubble" offers each of their separate testimony over the dark history of Division and the roads that have led them to this point which leads to Nikita becoming the hero of the story Washington desperately needs to present to frame the story and end the national nightmare.

The episode's B-story involves Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) being surprised that Sam (Devon Sawa) didn't double-cross her and spend what he believes is millions in diamonds. Heading to Paris to rescue him from a group of angry acquaintances to whom he owes money, the pair kick some ass and eventually give into their feelings and consummate a relationship teased over several episodes. I've got to say Sam is certainly a step-up from the bland Sean (Dillon Casey), and a far more interesting partner for Alex to ride off into the sunset with (should they both survive next week's finale).

Nikita's fame, her friends' safety, and the warm glow of victory over Amanda (Melinda Clarke) is all shattered by the death of Ryan who sacrifices his own life to make Nikita aware that (David S. Lee) and the very much alive Amanda have played them all and aren't done yet. We also learn that Jones is one of eight members who run the group, including Vincent Ventresca who is less than pleased with Amanda's actions that make the insanely-expensive cover story they sold Nikita and the world absolutely worthless. As the episode comes to a close Nikita smiles for the cameras but makes final plans to go back to war.

I'm saddened by Ryan's death, but it's worked so well into the story (and provides the kind of loss which our heroine can't possibly ignore) that I can't fault the show's writers for using it to propel what has been a whirlwind of a shortened final season into its final episode. Next week's appropriately entitled "Cancelled" will pit Amanda against the show's two heroines, reunited (after spending the entire season apart) to finish the job the show started four years ago. Ryan's death suggests everything could be on the table for what I hope will be a fitting end to the series.

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