Monday, April 14, 2014

All-New X-Men #25

The "monumental" 25th issue of All-New X-Men feels much more like a forgettable annual rather than an important issue of an ongoing comic. Centered around the Beast's conversations with an over-talkative Watcher, the framework is a relatively weak excuse to bring in a variety of artists to give takes on their version of various X-Men characters in the present and possible futures (including Magik as Sorceress Supreme) all put in jeopardy by McCoy's decision to bring the younger versions of his friends into the present.

Don't get me wrong, there's some very nice artwork here (highlighted for me by Bruce Timm's showcasing Jean Grey in her various forms), some of it quite funny, but as a fan of the original idea of The Watcher as a silent observer I'm less than satisfied with this verbose version that even goes so far as to insult the X-Man after speaking his mind. For such a momentous issue All New X-Men #25 can easily be skipped by those not willing to pay $5 for a story that doesn't do much of anything to further ongoing stories and whose absence won't be felt going forward if you choose not to read it. Hit-and-Miss.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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