Friday, April 25, 2014

Teen Titans Go! - Dreams

The latest episode of Teen Titans Go! focuses on the dreams of the various teammates as Silkie strolls from one Titan's bed to the next trying to find the perfect place to cuddle up and enjoy his own sweet dreams. Not surprisingly, in the end Silkie ends up sleeping alone.

Given the show's shortened format we only get glimpses of the dreams of each member. Where Robin (Scott Menville) offers an original Teen Titans cartoon adventure (actually using stock footage from the original series with the characters re-dubbed providing the lines Robin wished they had uttered), Cyborg (Khary Payton) offers an old-school video-game adventure with himself in the starring role. Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) dreams aren't really worth mentioning while Starfire's (Hynden Walch) imagination turning her bickering teammates into cat-headed creatures is certainly an odd mix of creepy and cute.

Choosing to go dark with Raven (Tara Strong), we watch as the Titan defeats her father only to turn on her teammates. It certainly works, and underlines the dark power brewing behind the character, but the show misses an opportunity to play on the hidden lighter side of Raven (after all, who wouldn't have loved a Raven and Twilight Sparkle's dream adventures?).

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