Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Morning Glories #38

While Abraham awakens halfway around the world in a snake-filled room, safe but still pursued by agents of the Morning Glories Academy, his son faces his own troubles when Gribbs awakes from his coma caused by Ike shooting the teacher in the head.

Still obsessed with finding Abraham, and carving a pound of flesh out of his son, Gribbs wastes no time in drugging Ike with mysterious cocktail in the dungeon cell from where his father disappeared and beating the shit out of the boy forcing a connection between the pair and information about where Abraham has gone and what he is currently up to.

Artist Joe Eisma doesn't skimp on the violence of Gribbs' brutal attack on the campus' smart ass (which is more than a little difficult to watch), but he and writer Nick Spencer do offer a surprise with the unexpected return of one of Abraham's new companions. How exactly she survived the events of Wood Run (or is this a version of Zoe before those events?) has yet to be established, but obviously she still has a role to play. Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.50]

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