Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten #2

After helping Buffy and friends turn the tide against the enhanced vampires, neither Faith not Kennedy will stay long although Scoobies do welcome back a pint-sized Watcher, the adolescent Giles, back into the fold (even if it looks like it will take some time for everyone to adapt to his new circumstances and demeanor).

Laying the groundwork for the next several issues, Giles discovers that the Vampyr tome has begun to fill-in with new information. Understanding that the new seed was rushed into the world, what the Watcher finds troubling is not knowing who is responsible for writing the new laws of magic (and gifting the vampires with an improved power set).

Still haunted by visions of Anya (which appear to be her rather than simple hallucinations or The First toying with the one-eyed Scooby) and wrestling with the his strained relationship to Dawn, Xander heads off to talk with Dracula to see if he can shed any light on the situation (setting up what should be yet another amusing reunion). Best of the Week.

[Dark Horse, $3.50]

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