Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Crazy Ones - The Monster

While Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) dates a neighbor who everyone but her realizes is gay and Zach (James Wolk), while also unknowingly spends time with a single gay man with the hots for him, becomes increasingly jealous with all the time Andrew (Hamish Linklater) is spending with Allie (Tiya Sircar) instead of him, Simon (Robin Williams) rallies the troops for a pro bono assignment to save a small town library in Illinois from closing.

Worrying about actual paying clients, Gordon's (Brad Garrett) refusal to give the team any funds for their campaign leads Simon to cast him as the villain of the piece and the face of a publicized book burning celebration after the successful shutdown of the public library. When the unexpected success of the campaign to save the library turns Gordon into a pariah, Simon decides to calm his irate partner by agreeing to turn him from villain to hero once the library has been saved.

Although the truth eventually comes out and Gordon is no longer hounded by the public, sadly for Simon's partner it doesn't come until after an unfortunate series of events where Simon's monster flees an angry mob after accidentally burning a pile of books (in true Frankenstein manner that's ridiculously over-the-top but still somewhat charming). The episode ends on the nice note of Zach choosing to continue his friendship and Andrew admitting he misses Sydney while suggesting that his relationship with Allie may not be going as well as it seems.

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