Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Mentalist - Brown Eyed Girls

After leading the FBI to a young woman dying of a gunshot wound in the home of what Jane (Simon Baker) refers to as a "sketchy individual" (Nick von Esmarch), the Mentalist works to prove the man wasn't responsible for the aspiring model's death and that the mentally-deficient suspect simply found her bleeding on the side of the highway just as he told Abbot (Rockmond Dunbar). After helping the man retrace his steps with the help of a cold beer, Wiley (Joe Adler), and a couple memory tricks, Jane leads Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and Cho (Harry Groener) out to the middle of nowhere where they find another kidnap victim (Zuleyka Silver) who was taken in by the same modeling scam.

Finding the DNA from more than 20 girls (including the survivor's still missing sister), Jane uses a little magic, and the unexpected acting skills of Cho, to stop the suspected human traffickers (Joey Gaytan, Carol Kiernan) from crossing the border with their cargo. Although the FBI manages to save a truckload of girls, Daniela's sister isn't among them.

With no proof to extradite the two brothers (Yan Feldman, Hari Dhillon) the trucker identifies as the men responsible for for shipping the girls overseas, Jane and Abbot go south of the border undercover to force the two to come into the United States of their own volition allowing the FBI to grab them Although successful, the FBI's attempts to bargain for the name of the head of the operation (Titus Welliver) only comes up empty as any leads back to the main are quickly eliminated and the the case remains unresolved as the end credits roll.

While providing another case where Jane ropes his newer co-workers into one of his offbeat plans, "Brown Eyed Girls" also address Lisbon's relationship with Marcus Pike (Pedro Pascal) by offering Jane's awkward reaction to the news that Lisbon might leave for D.C. with her new boyfriend. With the show likely not getting renewed by CBS (the show's producers are already shopping it to other networks), and news that the season finale has been crafted to also fit the role of a series finale if needed, it will be interesting to see where Jane and Lisbon's relationship shakes out over the remaining three episodes. Personally, I hope she goes into the sunset with Pike. She's earned it.

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